Grid Forensic Accounting provides specialised financial forensic solutions to people in their individual capacity, in the following areas:


We assist individuals and businesses towards achieving maximum tax efficiency. Through this process, our registered tax practitioners will perform an in-depth evaluation and analysis of income and assets and make recommendations in line with the best use of tax exemptions, deductions and benefits to minimise tax liability within the legislative framework.


We assist individuals by conducting appropriate checks and analysis which will enable them to make the best, most informed decision possible for themselves or their business. Through our in-depth investigation or audits, we confirm the facts, assess the financial aspects of a potential investment, and help to determine what the benefits, liabilities, risks and opportunities are. The due diligence process includes reviewing financial records, operations, legal and tax compliance, contracts, intellectual property and assets, interviewing key individuals, highlighting material information and identifying red flags.


We bring expertise as financial and investigative experts to perform the due diligence of a property portfolio or individual property investment. As a purchaser of a property investment, our clients can be assured that the due diligence has been performed by real financial experts. We perform collective due diligence on the entire property portfolio, each individual property’s cash flow, each individual lessee and each individual property’s purchase price.

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