Grid Forensic Accounting provides specialised financial forensic solutions for attorneys, in the following areas:


We specialise in the compilation and testimony of Loss of Income or Loss of Support Reports when a claimant or deceased is, or was, a business owner. As an approved vendor for the Road Accident Fund (RAF), we have experience representing both panel and plaintiff clients. Our reports are clear and concise, enabling effective litigation for our clients. The combination of the expertise of forensic accountants has enabled us to highlight the individual factors of a claim against the background of analytical and forensic research. We represent all the factors in an easy-to-understand reporting style, ensuring that all parties have clarity on how these have been balanced to arrive at the loss of income or support. As we have extensive experience in representing both panel and plaintiff clients, we often serve as joint experts, which ensures a smoother, faster and more cost-effective litigation process.


We assist in detecting and investigating suspected irregularities or financial crime. Through multiple-stage detection and investigation processes, we obtain, secure and present evidence. This can be directed internally (towards employees and internal collusion); externally (towards suppliers, subcontractors, third parties to contractual arrangements); or a combination of internal and external (towards employee collusion with third parties).


We provide accurate, cost-effective and fully compliant reports to assist in forensic-based investigations. This process entails regular reporting, meetings and feedback as required. Our forensic accountants are experts in their field and have the necessary experience to act as expert witnesses in court, providing evidence gathered during the investigation.


We calculate the loss of business profits in the event of a business suffering an unforeseen interruption – be it due to a breach of contract, fraud, personal injury, the death of a key employee, or any other unforeseen business interruptions.


We identify areas where a business may be exposed to potential fraud and corruption by evaluating their business policies and practices. Our forensic accounting professionals help lessen the identified opportunities for fraud and corruption by assisting in streamlining formal policies, integrating them with best practices and implementing them into the workplace. We also assess the business’s internal controls to make valuable recommendations with the intention of lessening risk.


We resolve stakeholder and/or management disputes quickly and cost-effectively, acting in the best interest of the relationships involved and with the business’s well-being in mind. Our approach will depend on the stage at which we get involved; either pro-active and preventative; or as a detective and reactive service.


We help determine the true value of a business. We calculate the value of a business to assist those buying a business, selling a business, shareholders, potential investors and others with a vested interest in the business to understand what the business is worth and actions that they may need to take in terms of building the business further. Through our business valuation process, we provide a good understanding of the health of the company, highlight red flags or suspected fraud and provide a fair report. In addition, where applicable, a valuation performed by a forensic accountant is also suitable for use in the court of law. Business valuations are also often required for: divorce proceedings, in the case of retirement, for key-man insurance or business assurance applications.


We assist individuals by conducting appropriate checks and analysis which will enable them to make the best, most informed decision possible for themselves or their business. Through our in-depth investigation or audits, we confirm the facts, assess the financial aspects of a potential investment, and help to determine what the benefits, liabilities, risks and opportunities are.

The due diligence process includes reviewing financial records, operations, legal and tax compliance, contracts, intellectual property and assets, interviewing key individuals, highlighting material information and identifying red flags.


We bring expertise as financial and investigative experts to perform the due diligence of a property portfolio or individual property investment. As a purchaser of a property investment, our clients can be assured that the due diligence has been performed by real financial experts. We perform collective due diligence on the entire property portfolio, each individual property’s cash flow, each individual lessee and each individual property’s purchase price.


We conduct searches on various public databases to help establish the assets that an individual or business might have on file. This is for the purpose of verification and screening, for our clients.


We assist individuals and businesses towards achieving maximum tax efficiency. Through this process, our registered tax practitioners will perform an in-depth evaluation and analysis of income and assets and make recommendations in line with the best use of tax exemptions, deductions and benefits to minimise tax liability within the legislative framework.

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